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9 Best Ways to Make Your Nails Stronger and Healthy

Say Hello to Strong, Beautiful Nails with Some Easy and Effective Tips!

We often take our nails for granted. But nails are considered as a window to our overall health. They are made up of dead protein cells which are similar to skin and hair cells. The upper layer is known as Nail Plate, the hard part which covers the delicate skin underneath.  Nail Bed is the surface below the nail and is made up of living tissue. Several factors can impact the growth and health of our nails. Therefore, it is essential to nourish and look after your nails with utmost care.


  • On an average, fingernails grow 2-3 millimeters a month
  • Fingernails grow faster than toenails
  • Both nails and hair are made up of protein cells


To grow healthy nails, let us first understand what indicates poor nail health. Common nail growth issues include:

  • Discoloration such as white or yellow nails
  • Changes in nail shape, such as curled or deformed nails
  • Nail Thickening or Thinning
  • Detachment of the nail from the nail bed
  • Pain, bleeding, inflammation
  • No growth in nails


There are so many reasons that can hinder the growth of your nails, from what you eat to your daily lifestyle. If you are experiencing the problem of brittle and weak nails, we have some useful tips for you!

Keep your Nails Clean

Excessive water exposure can lead to bacterial growth under your nails. Frequent contact with water cause splitting and breaking of fingernails. One should wear cotton or rubber gloves while cleaning dishes, washing or using strong chemicals.

Take Care of Your Cuticles

Cuticles, a thin layer at the bottom of the skin, acts as a natural barrier to fungus and other bacteria. It protects the nails from harmful infections. Cutting your cuticles harms the nail bed in the form of redness, swelling which can cause permanent damage to your nails. Pushing them back causes more harm and should be avoided to maintain healthy growing nails.

Take Biotin

Also known as Vitamin B7 or coenzyme R, Biotin is a B-complex vitamin is the best thing for nail growth. It helps in the consumption of protein-rich amino acids and promotes cell growth which is essential for healthy growing nails. According to experts, 2.5 milligrams of biotin on a daily basis can improve the strength of your nails in just weeks.

While you can take it in the form of a supplement, it is naturally present in certain foods such as:

  • Whole grains
  • Bananas
  • Cooked Eggs
  • Beans
  • Mushrooms
  • Cauliflower

Avoid Toxic Polishes

Research studies show that using artificial nails regularly impact the health of actual nails adversely and make them more prone to breakage. You should use nail polishes with little or no harmful chemicals, such a formaldehyde, toluene or Dibutyl Phthalate. You can also go for water-based formulations as they are free from harsh chemicals.

Pamper Your Nails

The natural oils contain minerals which can help you get beautiful nails. Common oils such as almond oil, castor oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, coconut oil provide proper moisturization to our nails. Soak your nails for 20 minutes on a daily basis to restore moisture, reduce breakage and avoid thinning of nails.

Avoid Acetone Based Removers and Sanitizers

Acetone-based nail polish removers are bad for nail health. Although no acetone removers are much gentle, it is recommended to limit the overall use of nail polish removers. One should not use them more than once a week. Similarly, switch to a gentle cleanser to keep your nails from drying out.

Avoid using your nails as tools

Avoid using your nails to open bottles or scratching off stickers. It puts pressure on the sensitive nail parts making them prone to breakage and splitting.

File your nails right

To begin with, file your nails in one direction and not back and forth. Filing nails back and forth can cause more damage to the delicate nail bed.

Stick to a Healthy Diet

A well-balanced diet is essential for having healthy, strong nails internally as well as externally. Some food items good for your nails are listed below:

  • Fruits and green veggies
  • At least 7-8 glasses of water daily
  • Food items high in fatty acids like salmon, almonds, walnuts
  • Foods with high antioxidants like carrots, sweet potatoes
  • Calcium-containing food such as milk, cheese, spinach, yogurt
  • Foods with a high amount of sulfur like broccoli, onions

There you go! Now you know why your nails aren’t growing and how you can grow them stronger. However, if you have a persistent nail problem or any other signs and symptoms, you should consult a doctor or dermatologist for an appropriate course of action.

Home Remedies for Nail Fungus


Half of the nail disorders are caused by fungal organisms approximately. Fingernails and toenails are prone to fungal infections which appear in the form of discoloration, thickening of nails, yellow or white spots, brittleness, and crumbling edges. In many cases, it causes internal damage to the nails due to which they are unable to grow properly.

Nail fungal infections should be addressed timely to restore healthy and beautiful nails. Many antifungal ointments, sprays, over the counter medications are available to cure them.

ZetaClear for Nail Fungus

One of the most talked treatment options is ZetaClear. It is an FDA Approved solution for nail fungus treatment. The product is 100% natural and safe as it contains natural ingredients. It strengthens weak nails and restores nail health to give you beautiful looking nails in just a few weeks.


Remember that nails are more important than you think. Your nails reflect your overall health. Keeping your nails clean protects them from bacterial and fungal infections.  Stick to a nail care routine to maintain the health of your nails. Take good care of your nails, maintain nail hygiene, consume a balanced diet with fruits, vegetables and ample amount of healthy fats.

Follow these simple steps to promote healthy nails which grow stronger and last longer!


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